As you browse our available locations, you may wonder why we don't offer any locations on The Strip.  It's simple.

Nearly every inch of sidewalk along Las Vegas Boulevard is private property, owned by the resorts.  As such, they can control what happens there.  MGM Resorts International -- who owns a dozen properties along The Strip, including Bellagio -- prohibits unauthorized commercial activity in front of their resorts.  To clarify, 'unauthorized' means any commercial activity or event not specifically connected to, coordinated by, or sponsored by MGM.  That affects The Roving Reverend and every other similar service in Las Vegas.


As such, we're prohibited from offering our services outside their resorts.  And we won't trespass to do so.  That's why we only offer ceremonies at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.  That's public property and available for anyone's use.


If you find another service willing to perform a ceremony in front of an MGM property, ask yourself if you really want to risk an encounter with hotel security.  Unless MGM has granted them permission to be there, those service providers are trespassing.


If another mobile wedding service tells you they're authorized to perform ceremonies at MGM properties, we encourage you to contact MGM directly to confirm what that company is telling you.


We hold ourselves to high standards.  That means we try to do the right thing.  And unlike some of our competitors, we respect the policies put in place by the resort owners, even if that puts us at a competitive disadvantage.

Thank you for understanding.



So you want to get married on The Strip? 

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Please note:  The Roving Reverend has no affiliation, does not attempt to imply an affiliation nor holds any contractual agreement with any resort or Strip property unless expressly noted.  All images on this site are solely for the purpose of showcasing our photography.